Brittney – Studio Photos

The past couple of weeks have been hectic – to say the least – at school.   With projects and final exams it’s been overwhelming and as busy as busy gets.  So, last night when I finally found myself having a few minutes of spare time, I edited some photos for fun.  For once…lol.

Brittney was kind enough to come a long way to help me get a shot for a Design Ad that our class had to do.  I will post the Design Ad, next post.

After spending three hours getting the Ad shot, we then let loose and had a bit of fun in the studio with my roommate, good friend and an extremely talented makeup artist: Milla Moiss (

We ended up getting so many shots. Brittney was flawless, her skin – during editing – needed nearly zero touch ups or editing.  Her poses were all dead on.  For someone who has never modelled before – she’s just a plain natural.

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