Jerry Melo

Now, this is a far cry from what I’ve been photographing lately, as many of my shoots the past few months have been paying clients for children and family.  I love photographing families!  However, I also love rolling up my sleeves and getting into the studio to challenge myself and try different things.


What can I say about Jerry Melo except that his entire body and presence tells a story in a photo.  He’s been gaining quite the popularity on Instagram and in his short modeling career has already been in front of many different photographer’s cameras, including West Side Studio’s Matt Barnes.

A bunch of months ago he befriended me on Model Mayhem – a site I can honestly say I forget I even have an account with.  But, in the beginning of January when school was starting again I signed on and saw him immediately.  I messaged him and from there we arranged a day and time to get him into the studio and have some fun.

For a model with no official training, Jerry is definitely a natural when it comes to knowing his angles and best sides and for moving around and giving different options in terms of poses.  All in all, it was a far cry from what I’m used to – I didn’t have to ‘direct’ as much but give him an idea of what I was looking for and voila…my shutter wouldn’t stop.

I have many, many, many images of Jerry and will most definitely be adding to this post in the near future.  Here are only some of the photos I have edited so far.

For some eye candy and great images – check out Jerry’s Instagram

Who am I?  I’m an open book – About the Photographer


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