Motion…then Stills


I have a video project due in two days.  The project is to capture video and audio separately and then combine…

My roommate, Saerom is moving out next week.  It’s only been since the beginning of January that we’ve lived together, but we’ve had long chats, ‘girl talk’, philosophical discussions about life in general and a bunch of laughs.  Her husband was promoted at work, but that’s back in London, ON – so being newlyweds, and a married couple in general – it only makes sense that she move back to be with him.  I’m going to miss her…I’m also apprehensive about who my new roommate is going to be.  This condo is extremely spacious but still…

Saerom agreed to help me out with a short video tonight and with the continuous tungsten lights I had signed out from the school – I switched my camera back to stills and started snapping.  This was just pure fun…literally.

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