Shopping for an Interior


There are so many factors to consider when photographing an interior – shape, line, composition, colour, light (natural and artificial) and interesting subject matter as well as the vantage point.

When we were given the Interior Assignment the first question was where are we going to find a great interior?  My good friend – and the reason I’m still sane after these two years of school – Hannah decided we would partner up and try and find a great location.

While I was announcing on Facebook and all social media accounts that I was in search of a location, Hannah was busy contacting and found a great location downtown Toronto.   We would be photographing the same interior but at different vantage points…it sounded great and exactly what we were hoping for.

Then I got a call from a property developer I had contacted days prior and they were more than happy to let us have our pick of 6 homes.  When I mentioned that we might bring some colourful props to stage a room, she responded with “Don’t bother…our show homes are completely staged down to cutlery in drawers.”  So early last Saturday morning, Hannah and I set off for Markham and the choices were literally limitless:

The only issue we had was which room to photograph and how.  Surprisingly enough, we both chose rooms in the same house – which was great for the company and hollering between floors while shooting.  Hannah chose a bedroom on the second floor and I stuck with my initial desire to photograph a kitchen.

Along with the interior we also had to capture a ‘detail’ shot of and within that same interior.  At the end of the day this is what I had:

Nikon D600
24-70mm 2.8 lens
ISO: 100
8s Exposure with one Strobe



Hannah’s Photography Page:

About Myself: Jaren Kane

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