Swagger Magazine

Meet Drew Williams:


Drew is the founder and Creative Director of www.SwaggerMagazine.com

He contacted me in late January regarding photos and I was instantly on board and excited to get him into the studio.  He was prepared.  In his initial email to me he included a ‘mood board’ filled with inspirational photos that he was interested in getting.  Right away I knew that this man knew what he wanted and knew what he was talking about.

To describe Drew, the words that come to mind are, friendly, open faced, energized, charismatic and creative.  He wasn’t shy and was a pleasure to work with and have in front of my camera.  And he came with clothing…lots of clothing – it was awesome.

After 4 shoots that same week with females, it was a pleasant change to photograph a man.  I find there is always an energy of focused calm when I’m directing a male to pose and relax for a shot.  It’s a completely different approach, and lighting and posing that comes with it – that is enjoyable and fun.

Lighting was key.  I really wanted dramatic – on the basic black and white backgrounds.  And, of course I grabbed Drew and put him in front of a big window (as I do with anyone I photograph in studio) to capture real, natural light portraits – because those are always the best.  :))

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