Madelyn & Isla


Isla is a horse-whisperer, I’m convinced…and Madelyn is going to dance and sing on Broadway one day, I’m sure of it.  :)

A lot has changed since the first time I photographed these girls last fall – it’s incredible how children grow so fast!  Isla is now able to stand while supporting herself and Madelyn looks an entire year older, she’s getting so tall.  One thing that remains the same are their complete opposite personalities, Isla being a reserved, quiet child and Madelyn, well, did I mention she’s probably going to be on Broadway?  Madelyn makes me laugh.  She’s witty, comical and always on the go…always!

It was nice to go back to the same farm where the girls’ Mom keeps her pony, Abbey to take photos.  It’s an amazing setting and makes for some great little stories as the girls explore, watch the horses and run around in the back woods.  I’ll the photos tell the stories here…if you would like to see our first photo session last fall, just click here.

These are not even all the photos…there were so many!   It’s been twice now that I find it  hard to choose which photos to edit of these two little sisters because I just love them all.

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