Miss Teenage Canada – Before the Show



I was honoured to be a part of Miss Teenage Canada with my camera and watch the whole day unfold through my camera lens.  The number of people it takes to put on an event this big is simply astounding.  Sound crew, stage lighting, video, makeup, hair stylists, hosts, choreographers, teleprompter crews, event coordinators and then some – all come together somehow to execute an amazing evening.

They rehearse all day – each and every crew member and of course, the girls.  I watched them practicing their routines and I was lost on count ‘4’ and with 82 girls competing it was just a sea of pageants delegates backstage, on stage, off stage and everywhere.  Timing, posture, practice and them some more practice…it was amazing to watch come together.  

**This album is the rehearsal and the images before the big event.  Candid behind the scenes photos leading up to the evening’s show

**Main Event Photos Coming Soon

**Please click on one image and give it a few seconds to load then using the arrow keys you can easily view them!

For more information about what this event is all about and just how much they give back with Free The Children here is a video:

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