Michelle & Brandon


It’s the final countdown to Michelle and Brandon’s Wedding Day!


The Bride and Groom and I had scheduled a meeting so we could go over the final details of their big day.  I figured it would be a great idea to do a ‘mini pre-wedding’ session since I did their engagement photos nearly a year ago (to see them click here).  So much changes in a year!  It’s also the time when all the planning is basically done and the couple is now able to enjoy the ride and look forward to their wedding…and the party!

With all planning aside we headed out doors and made some photos.  It was so enjoyable and both Michelle and Brandon seemed completely calm and relaxed and very much in love.  In the future I am going to offer this ‘pre-wedding session’ as it’s such an enjoyable time for the Bride and Groom as the final days are checked off the calendar toward their Wedding Day.

I am so, so, so excited for Michelle and Brandon’s wedding.  Nuptials are in a beautiful and rustic church in town and the reception is being held at the sweetest farm up the hill.  Hale bales, tractor rides, food wagons, truck convoys, white Christmas mini lights and all the bridesmaids are changing in to cowgirl boots after the church!  Basically a dream for a photographer (at least it is for me!) as the colours will be warm, inviting and relaxed.  Who doesn’t love a Country Wedding?  I mean really?  LOL

Their love is evident and we did a few ‘poses’ but for the most part I just kept snapping – most of these are candid shots which I think is so much more beautiful.  :))

Photos, Photos and more Photos:


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