Makeup Artist: Tesara


MUA: Tesara Campbell/Model: Sydney Learoyd

Tesara is great.  Plain and simple.  LOL

She has a bubble personality, a go-getter attitude, confidence in her craft and willingness to be wrong and improve – which I believe is a trait that is the MOST important in any artist.  She will do incredible things…

As a ‘thank you’ and also as a practice session of switching subject from background and editing each separately, I had a bit of fun with a few photos that I had of Tesara.  She sat in to do some test lighting during our day at RevPrint Studios – and at the end of the day I edited some of them and edited a few to just say, well…’thanks’

While editing it’s key to have an amazing Makeup Artist – skin tone evenness, eyelashes, eyeliner being straight and solid, blush not blotchy etc etc etc – save SO MUCH TIME as a photographer to finish the final files.   Also, most MUAs also double as Hair Dressers – and one thing I asked Tesara previous to the shoot was that flyaway hairs were contained and controlled.  They were. Tesara’s work was incredible and solid and I will be calling her again, and again…and again.

Here are some of the photos I took of Tesara herself.  She’s so sweet and fun and professional. You can find more of her work here:  Vivid Complexions

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