Horse Portraits: Woodview Stables


I recently photographed a series of horse portraits.  It was such an amazing day and it was great to see the bond between all the horses and their owners.

I have been scheduled to photograph horse portraits for 3 more barns and if you, or someone you know would be interested in offering this service to the boarders and/or riders at a barn in the Greater Toronto Area please let me know!


Naome and Shanee

_DSC6956_BWShanee, 2015

_DSC7025The bond between Naome and Shanee is evident and very sweet.  This Arabian Mare is gentle and gorgeous…



Erin and Abbey


Abbey, 2015


Abbey is a naughty little pony you can’t help but laugh at and love.  Erin got Abbey from a rescue organization when Abbey was under a year old…she is now turning 9.




Deb and Deuce


Deuce, 2015


If you haven’t seen a horse follow someone around like a puppy dog, then you haven’t met Deuce.  He’s such a baby for Deb and literally follows her around like a love sick puppy – it’s adorable.


_DSC6702_BW _DSC6698 _DSC6636

Staci and Rosie
(& Brad, Plus One)


Rosie, Staci, Brad (and the little one on the way)


Staci, who is 5 months pregnant still rides Rosie – who I swear knows Staci is expecting and kept nuzzling her belly throughout the entire session…so sweet.




Brad arrived with pink balloons to celebrate the fact that he and Staci are expecting a baby girl!  So, we set off and did a few maternity photos as well…




Donna and Dotty


Dotty, 2015


This gorgeous thoroughbred mare is now 28 years old, lounging in the paddocks and enjoying her days eating hay and getting lots of kisses from Donna.  The bond these two share is very strong and a joy to witness.  Dotty was a racehorse back in her day and from what Donna told me – she was a pretty successful thoroughbred racer.




Danielle and Figaro


Figaro, 2015


Figaro or “Figgy” as he is lovingly called, is a 22 year old giant gentleman.  And giant meaning he’s just over 17H!  Danielle no longer rides him due to Figgy’s aging health concerns, but she told me he’s like the Godfather in the fields…never coming in until all the other horses have left the paddock and when they returned to their farm after a fire – he wouldn’t calm down until Danielle took him to every stall so he could account for all his friends.




Deb and Mischief


Mischief, 2015


Mischief is one of two Horses that Deb loves.  She’s a gorgeous Quarterhorse and like Deuce, loves Deb wholeheartedly.  She’s maybe not as much of a puppy dog like Deuce is (lol – he’s one of a kind), but her respect and trust with Deb is evident.




Ryanna and Buddy


Buddy, 2015


If these two aren’t the cutest pair…Buddy and Ryanne are quite the team and before their portrait session had just finished placing twice at a local horse show.  Buddy has one eye, but that doesn’t stop him!  The trust he must have in Ryanne is more than most – and Ryanne loves this little pony – they’re a perfect match.




The Whittaker Family


Whittaker Family, 2015


This horse portrait turned into a fun mini family shoot – the two boys racing around on ATVs and Motorbikes and Ryanne with her two ponies, Buddy and Ricky.  Beautiful family and the parents and I joked about how lucky these kids are to grow up in the country on a farm…and how we wished we had the same experiences!





While I was at Woodview I took a few ‘extra’ shots in-between sessions and while the sun came out.  It’s such a beautiful property and I took photos of the old bank barn – the oldest and only surviving structure after a devastating fire earlier this year.  I photographed their journey home after a neighbouring farm housed the horse residents while Woodview built temporary barns.

 To see that album click here

Plans to build new barns are underway and everyone is excited to move on from the horrific fire and look forward to a new farm and new barns!!






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