Stormy Skies + Johanna

Stormy wasn’t too sure about my camera at first.  Ears back, he stuck close to Johanna looking at me with discontent and at one point I think he took a quick nap.  He wasn’t that interested…

We walked around a bit and with a few shuffles of my camera bag – the sound perked him up a bit and his ears started acknowledging me (I’d like to think it was me, although it could have been the wind that picked up…) and then all of a sudden the photo shoot took off.

It’s obvious he loves Johanna a great deal.  Every time she tried to kiss his muzzle, all I would get is his eyes closed.  So sweet but as a photographer I was determined to get a kiss with eyes open and ears forward.  It took a bunch of tries, and I don’t think Johanna minded kissing Stormy again and again…all in all it was a beautiful shoot.

Photos are in random order :))

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