Monroe Turns One – Lifestyle Photography

What is ‘Lifestyle Photography’?  Some photographers have adopted this term and applied it to the ‘family photography’ genre…smiling, posed, dressed in complimentary outfits at a specific location.  However, that type of image is categorized under ‘Family Photography’ and not ‘Lifestyle Photography’

So, what is the difference?  Lifestyle photography is meant to tell a story within every photo.  The moments captured that are not planned, posed or the subjects even knowing the photo is being taken.  It’s documentary to a degree.  The simple moments, the every day life moments…like a child blowing bubbles for the first time or playing soccer with Dad at a toddler’s birthday party or a kiss on the forehead that is unplanned.  It’s really the moments in-between the photos they think are being taken.

I took many photos at this super adorable event some of them posed, cute images that of course are necessary for any and every parent also many in colour. However, I also made sure to include moments as I saw them happen – even if that meant lying in the grass or dirt on my stomach watching life through my lens and capturing it.  I planned on a Lifestyle Black & White Album…and this is it.

Monroe turned one and threw a party for family and friends…and she has many of those!  It was a great afternoon filled with balloons, cake, bubbles, freezies and lots and lots of hugs.  Thank you, Monroe for allowing me to capture this big milestone in your life!

**click on first image and use arrows to scroll through each image individually :))

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